Aligning Accomplishments

Three concentric circles guide me. After my family, I connect to my immediate community, and then I find ways to help shape the world. When I started working with nonprofits, advocacy and children's programs as a teen I had no idea that it would become a major part of my life



Helping Locally. Thinking Globally.


Volunteer Service Award


In 2015 I received this award for a lifetime of work with Special Olympics and less fortunate children. This is my proudest accomplishment because I still see the effects on children that I have mentored and coached. The friends that I made in The White House have continued to play a part in conversations on the environment, child trafficking and volunteer work.

Board Member & Strategist


Raising awareness about a hard subject is difficult. Marketing, social media and SEO have their place but cultivating a new way to approach the public, connect to law enforcement and tell the story was the only way to have our story told. I am proud to be a part of helping craft that story. Please reach out if you want to be involved.



In 2013 I found a program in Oakland that matched mentors with kids that had similar interests. These kids came from unspeakable backgrounds and I was connected with a young man who wanted to be a writer. Six years later he is mentoring other youth and constantly in the studio working on his first album. We're also still good friends and he's started to teach me a good bit in return. For me, it really shows how important it is to make a difference in just one persons life. Find out more about Spark Program here:

Media Strategist & Keynote Speaker


With fake news on the rise, a group of social media experts met at NATO HQ in 2016. I was one of them. By coordinating with multiple governments and researching the tools and platforms used we began the ongoing fight against the ways that foreign parties can interfere with elections and the ways that we, as individuals, can recognize sources and sites that cannot and should not be trusted.

Environmental Advocate


From helping develop Earth Day campaigns to connecting NASA Earth and climate data to the public my primary passion is to help our beautiful blue planet. After all, none of these other projects or causes matter if we don't have a place to live. I love speaking on climate change and inspiring people on how they can be a part of the conversation and the change in this world.



All Things Great & Small



I led multiple campaigns for NASA to win its first THREE Emmys. The wins were: Cassini's Grand Finale (my favorite), NASA InSight's Mars Landing and NASA & SpaceX Demo 1 Launch. I am working on my fourth Emmy campaign (going for four in a row!) now.


In 2015 I put on the first live streaming influencer-based conference with the help of Twitter. Now, a Community Manager, I help curate events in Los Angeles, amplify new Twitter tools and stay connected to a wonderful community of awesome nerds that are very much like me.


As an Executive Member of the Interactive Media Peer Group, I help The Academy to define excellence in all of the newest things in media. From experiential to virtual we are specialists from places like Disney, Universal, Netflix and many more who build the strategies for the next amazing engagements in media.


As Real Time Academy Member I help to judge the best in social and marketing. By looking at these components I stay on the cutting edge while connecting to the best and brightest... and emerging talents. I've also been nominated.  Shucks.


Throughout the years I have won awards for poetry and prose. My haikus and free verse works have won the Kay Maggenheimer and Ralph Kesserman awards and my newest book of poetry Slow Dancing on Hard Drugs is an experimental poetry book using artificial intelligence and predictive text.


It's not that I ran out of accomplishments. I just got tired of writing about myself. Heck, I'm guessing that 6th grade was probably the last time that I was considered a good dancer so I'm definitely keeping this here. It's just too bad that there wasn't a trophy.



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Emmy winning strategist, Ryan Bell, has innovated social and marketing with NASA, The White House, and many top Fortune 500 companies. His visions of storytelling in the digital age have a history of firsts. From the first live stream broadcast of a United States president in virtual reality to the first influencer event of its kind coordinated with Twitter, Ryan has helped reimagine the ways that we connect with new technologies.

As a published and award-winning poet, he takes branding and marketing as a creative practice. This signature can be seen in NASA Mars landings, BMW campaigns, The Super Bowl and more. His multi-platform expertise and love of weaving a cohesive story he specializes in campaigns that connect brand stories to live video, virtual reality, experiential installations and social. 

Outside of writing and marketing his passion is advocacy. As a winner of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award from Barrack Obama, Ryan has been recognized for his work with underprivileged children. He has coached and mentored at Special Olympics and is a board member for Erase Child Trafficking.

Thinking locally and acting globally, Ryan is part of the initiative to make our world a kinder and greener place. Working social strategy while keynoting at NATO, he’s continued a conversation of making platforms places of truth. As an Earth lover, you will see him with his wife and three little girls as activists on and off-line trying to make the world a safe place to live for generations to come. Find out how to work with Ryan on any of your or his projects at



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